15:40 6 июля 2017 | Футбол — Германия

Гетце сообщил о возвращении к тренировкам

Полузащитник дортмундской "Боруссии" Марио Гетце сообщил о том, что в ближайшее время приступит к тренировкам с командой. По словам хавбека, он практически завершил курс лечения от болезни, связанной с нарушением обмена веществ.

- Из-за нарушения обмена веществ я не мог играть в футбол в последнее время. В течение последних нескольких месяцев я прошел успешное лечение и снова вернулся, - написал Гетце на своей странице в Инстаграме. - Завтра начну третий этап программы восстановления. Это значит, что пройду медобследование и скоро начну тренироваться.

Напомним, что в минувшем сезоне Гетце провел в составе "шмелей" 16 матчей, забил два гола и сделал две голевые передачи. Он не выходил на поле с февраля 2017 года.


Hello everyone, due to a metabolic disorder, I was unable to play football lately. During the last few months I have gone through a successful treatment and I am back on track now. Tomorrow I will start with the 3rd stage of my recovery program. This means I will complete the performance test and begin training with the team soon. I am more than excited to be back in the stadium and on the training ground again. A few important things for you to know: First, I am very proud of my BVB teammates and I am so happy they took home the DFB Cup. The pictures of all of you, the fans, celebrating in the city reminded me of my first victories with the club. Second, I would like to congratulate my teammates of the German national team for winning the Confed Cup as well as the German U21 for their victory at the European Championships. I am extremely proud to be a member of the team and of the DFB. I would also like to wish my younger brother success on the U19 national team. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!! Last but not least, I would like to give a big thanks to all of my fans. You all have supported me so much during the last few months. Your messages and get-well wishes were motivating and greatly appreciated. Thank you Aki Watzke and Michael Zorc for your trust in me during this difficult time of recovery.It helped a lot. Thanks to my team, my doctors, and my fitness coach, and all the other people who stuck by me. For all of the patience, support, and positive energy, thank you to my family and my fiancée @annkathrin_vida I have much to be thankful for. See you on the pitch! Best wishes, Mario

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